Loquntia v. Langford – The situation so far

BALTISK CITY – Relations between the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek and the Republic of the Kingdom of Loquntia have become exceedingly strained in recent days.

An apparent agreement between King John of Loquntia and General-Secretary Dallin Langford of the DRCC that ceded the DRCC to Loquntia was called into question by the latter after Langford renounced his citizenship of the country and pledged to render DRCC independent.

This situation came after he apparently signed into law the Loquntian Territory and DRCC Commonwealth Act of 2016, which turned the DRCC into a Loquntian territory with Langford as Archduke of new Archduchy of Cinnamon Creek. In a speech he gave which was later recounted in the DRCC newspaper the Baltisk Journal, Langford later described the bill landing on his desk as feeling like “the Devil himself was demanding entrance on my door.”

According to DRCC sources, the bill passed with a majority of 5 votes out of eight, with Langford failing to use his veto powers. Moreover, a series of emails that have been released seem to imply that Langford was in fact very much in favour of the territorial cession to King John, remarking at the time of the bill’s deliberation that “it [the DRCC Assembly] is probably going to vote for the deal anyway.” He went on to remark that “Loquntia needs the land, military, and some economic resources, and DRCC needs a more developed government which Loquntia can provide.”

The situation has since escalated. The Supreme Court of Loquntia is gearing up to hear a case against Langford in May of this year, following a successful dispositionary motion to postpone the trial.

So far the actual trial has yet to take place, the defence and prosecution barristers continuing to file motions regarding the case. The first motion, a motion to suspend the trial until the first of May in order for the defence to gather further evidence to support its side, was passed, though a subsequent motion by the defence’s solicitor to have the case heard by the Supreme Court in the Universal Triumvirate was defeated, as was a motion by the Solicitor-General to try and quash the government of the DRCC provisionally until the case is concluded.A spokesman for the defence commented that “The court overruling our motion to transfer the jurisdiction of the case is a setback, but we’ll work with what we have; we will be filing a further motion later today.”

The case continues.



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